burglary busters

The Burglarybuster System

We Turn Any Timber Door into a Security Door

The Burglarybuster Door Jamb Armour System transforms timber doors into security doors and is also a great way to repair damaged doors. Steel sleeves slide over the existing door frame and door to prevent kick-ins and to repair existing damage. It is simply the best door security system available on the Irish market today.

Why Use Burglarybuster?

  • Wrapping technology and multiple strike-point protection makes Burglarybuster the most effective door security product available – works on new or existing timber doors and is installed without having to remove the door.
  • Can be used on all timber doors that have a minimum 44mm plain door leaf edge.

The Modern Approach – Aesthetically Pleasing – Supercedes Exposed Hardware

  • Exposed locks, bolts, security bars or door braces can be unsightly. The need for many of these can be eliminated when you have the Burglarybuster System installed.

A Real Alternative to Door Replacement

  • Considering door replacement? Burglarybuster gives you the same (and often better) security benefits of new doors at a fraction of the cost.

Tested & Trusted by Thousands

Why Burglarybuster is Simply the Best

Traditionally locksmiths add locks to provide door security – but this is only part of the story. We all know that locks are vital but when doors are attacked aggressively the lock (or locks) becomes heavily dependent on the strength of the door frame and the door leaf to keep intruders out. So we start by adding the necessary locks – and then install the Burglarybuster Door System to provide the maximum possible strength by reinforcing all of the key weak points of the door frame and door.