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Patio Doors

Your Sliding Patio Door represents the most vulnerable access point to homes by burglars who generally gain entry by either 'snapping' the cylinder lock or by 'lifting' the door off its rails.

  • Do you recognise this type of lock?
  • The above is called a eurocylinder lock, the most important lock in your Sliding Patio Door.
  • What is the problem? This lock is easy prey as a design flaw enables burglars to snap and break-off the cylinder lock to gain entry to the main lock mechanism. When this happens and within seconds the thief can then manipulate the lock mechanism to open the door.
  • While installing our Zentry System for Sliding Patio Doors we first replace the existing lock with a Zentry Snap & Break Secure eurocylinder lock that stops thieves from gaining entry to the internal lock mechanism and this prevents them from entering your home.
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The Anti-Lift Latch Lock is as easy to install as 1-2-3.


Zentry Sliding Door Lock


The Ultimate Anti-Lift Latch Lock for;

Sliding Patio Doors


Sliding Porch Doors

Prying open patio doors is an easy way for thieves to break into your home.

Bars or sticks placed in the track or your existing euro-cylinder lock will not protect your door from being lifted out of the track! The Zentry Anti-Lift Latch Lock for Sliding Patio Doors and Sliding Porch Doors is a quick, effective and an attractive way to reinforce your patio door against break-ins.

This sliding door lock can be installed in about 10 minutes on almost any sliding glass door, giving you patio or porch door security at a very affordable price.


Protect your patio and porch sliding doors with Zentry Anti-Lift Latch Lock. The dual locking system helps prevent sliding glass doors from being lifted out of their track. Attractive and effective sliding door security. Colour: White or Brown

Why Sliding Door Security?

  • Thieves rarely break sliding door glass.
  • Sliding door locks often stop working after extended periods of use. This is a much less expensive option than replacing the existing lock.

Economical Effective Security

  • Hardened steel locking pins hold sliding door securely to wall frame.
  • Dual locking system prevents door from being lifted up or out of its track.



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Testimonials from some of our satisfied customers

Hi Tony,

Well, the door is in the first week now and I cannot believe how well I sleep. It's unreal. It's as if I am realising only now how anxious I have been. Plus, it looks absolutely beautiful. Jason and the other guy did a great job!

Thanks a million,

Stephen, (Inchicore, Dublin 8)

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