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Commercial Property Security

So far from looking at this website you may feel that we are focused exclusively on the residential market. This is not the case. Burglarybusters and Security Certified Doors Ltd www.securitycertifieddoors.ie provide a complete security service to the commercial market. So if you are an office manager or a maintenance manager with responsibility for the security or maintenance of your premises we believe we can help you.

Cash Office Doors

We provide the Security Certified Door range of timber-faced steel-reinforced cash office security doors up to European Security Standard ENV1627 class 4. These doors are ideal in retail situations where there is a need to protect cash.

Zentry Security Grilles

The Zentry Security Grilles comes in 3 security levels.

Zentry CX1

The CX1 is mainly used for Residential properties.

Zentry CX2

The market leading CX2 is a certified retractable gate for protection of windows and doors in domestic and commercial properties. The product has been independently attack tested, by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) to the industry standard LPS 1175 Security Rating 1 and by Secured by Design as a 'Police Preferred Specification. CX2 should be your first choice when an insurance rated grille is required. Characterised by its attractive curved lattice, CX2 provides peace of mind at home or work . Fitting CX2 may also reduce insurance premiums.

  • Attractive curved lattice
  • Unique top hung
  • Lift up, lift out bottom track and swivel return options
  • LPS 1175 Security Rating 1
  • Police Preferred Specification
  • Easy to fit

Zentry CX3

The ultimate grille for strength and flexibility of installation, CX3 is a retractable security grille particularly suitable for security of windows and doors in commercial premises and high risk environments.

  • Diamond Shaped Lattice
  • Bottom Rolling Design
  • Fixed on two sides (ideal for uneven spaces)
  • Lift up, drop down track and swivel return options
  • Easy to fit

Zentry Optiguard Window Screens

Zentry Optiguard window protection screens are a discreet, cost effective and maintenance free solution to protecting windows against vandalism, opportunistic burglary and breakage. A new improved design now offers 3 varieties:

  • Perforated mesh
  • Polycarbonate 'new'
  • Mesh / Polycarbonate 'new'

Optiguard vandal protection screens are the chosen means of window security for schools, public buildings authorities, flats, social housing, churches, youth centres and many other high risk public buildings.

Zentry Anti-Burglar Bars

  • High security - 20mm solid steel bars, ideal for vulnerable premises are designed to rotate to prevent attack from tools such as hacksaws.
  • No planning permission required
  • No welding - reducing rust and increasing strength
  • Low maintenance - no moving parts to go wrong
  • Durable - professional in-house polyester powder coating to give long lasting finish
  • Flexible installation - tailor made to specific requirements they can be fitted to the reveal of a window or face fixed onto the surface of the reveal. Window bars can also be fixed horizontally or vertically.
  • Wide choice of colours available with white as standard.

Zentry Security Window Film

These films can be applied for security applications, where a delay of forced entry is desired. The Performance of these films is affected by adhesive bond strength, thickness of the polyester, quality of application, and window structure/frame.

The films are adhesive coated to bond them to the glass. The better safety films are those that are smooth-coated, because they have far superior optical clarity.

See our demonstration Video.

Zentry Commercial Safes

We provide a wide variety of different types of safes that store goods from a value of €3000 up to €150,000.

  • Cash and Valuable Safes.
  • Fireproof Safes.
  • Fireproof Filing Cabinets.
  • Under Floor Safes.
  • Wall Safes.
  • Home Safes.
  • Pharmacy Safes.
  • Gun Safes.

No matter what you want to protect we have the safe to meet your needs.



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Testimonials from some of our satisfied customers

Three months ago, I had never heard of "Zentry Bedroom Security Doors.” Living alone, in a relatively quiet area, I thought I was pretty OK ,with Burglar Alarm + Sensor Lights. That was until I had a 4:30am alarm "scare,” which triggered a lot of "what if" questions in my mind. My sleep became disturbed & restless. I needed to feel safer @ night. There had to be a solution. I searched the Net." Burglarybusters" came up trumps!

I invested in a High Security Bedroom Door, with a steel frame, into which a 12 point locking system clenches. It looks exactly like a normal door, but is steel reinforced inside , & meets EU & Irish EU Standard-IS EN 1627-2011. It can be opened/closed manually on the inside, so there is no anxiety about possibility of getting locked in! I am delighted with "my new door,” feel 100% secure, and consequently sleep much better. I was very impressed by the high standard of service given by both Ciaran & Clive, who were professional, reliable, punctual & courteous.

Thank you both. - A happy customer!

Maeve in Cork

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