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Front & Rear Door Security

While alarms are important, they do not prevent burglars from entering your home. As more than 60% of burglars gain entry through either the front or rear door you may need to address this issue.

Burglars are entering front and rear doors by:

  1. Using a screwdriver to prise-open the door to disable the locking mechanism
  2. Snapping, bumping, picking or drilling the eurocylinder lock contained in more than 90% of all front, back and sliding patio and porch doors.
  3. Kicking in the lower panel on aluminium and upvc doors
  4. Damaging or removing the door handle to gain access to eurocylinder
  5. Fishing keys through the letterbox
  6. Using a plastic or credit card to disengage the latch.

The solutions:

As you can see from the above, most UPVC and Aluminium front and rear doors are vulnerable to attack and so it is only when you combine stronger locks, doors, windows/ glazing with alarms that you have a real chance of keeping your home burglar free.

Firstly, you must understand that although you may have a multi-locking system in your door, when the thief breaks the euro cylinder lock he will automatically gain entry to your home. See Zentry Snap & Break Secure & Anti-Bump Cylinders.

A practical way to improve your security at night and guard against the common methods used to gain entry is to install the Burglarybuster Nightlock Pull-Up Security Bar (See below) to your front and rear door. This device will stop the burglar in his tracks as he knows he will now have to make a lot of noise to get past the door area. When the house is occupied, making noise is seldom an option for the burglar who is likely to move on to a softer target. The Burglarybuster Nightlock Pull-Up Security Bar can be removed during the day by simply pulling it up and out of the brackets and later returning it to its securing position in the evening. An added advantage for having this device in place is that it that it also reinforces the lower panel of the Aluminium and UPVC door against kick-in.



(includes 20mm thick bar with special brackets and screws)

Burglarybuster Nightlock Pull-Up Security Bar

Special Offer Price €89.00 Postage €8.00 extra




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For a higher level of security Internal or External Security Grilles, for doors and windows, situated at the rear, or to the side of the house are becoming more common. When applied internally they can be concealed behind curtains or blinds. Security Grilles for Windows and Doors

Rear Doors

Single rear or side doors are prone to attack and so the Burglarybuster Nightlock-Pull-Up Security Bar is also recommended here. When a higher level of security is required and the door opens inwards, we suggest you install a security grille on the outside as pictured below.

Unprotected Opening-in, Rear Door

Same Door Now Protected with High-Security CX2 External Grille


When security grilles are not the product of your choice and you are concerned that glass may be broken to gain entry we recommend you consider our Zentry High-Security Window Film. Normal glass including double glazing or triple glazing will not withstand an aggressive attack. However, glass can be reinforced through the application of our unique Security Film. Virtually invisible when installed, windows can also be cleaned as normal. The performance of this exceptional and widely used film is guaranteed where adhesive bond strength, thickness of the polyester and quality of application is assured.

See our demonstration Video.

If you are considering replacing your front or rear doors don’t be fooled by the majority of door companies who just focus on thermal insulation values and appearance and ignore the importance of security. Zentry Residential Security Doors for front and back doors are amazingly strong as they are the only type of door that uses a steel frame (recommended by Garda) and come with a twelve point locking system and secure euro cylinders. These doors are also extremely thermally efficient, look identical to the normal door, yet provide the maximum levels of security. See www.securitycertifieddoors.ie. Although more expensive than traditional doors the extra paid should be measured against the extent of added peace of mind provided.

Regarding French Door Security and Patio Door Security see French Door Security & Patio Door Security



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Testimonials from some of our satisfied customers

Three months ago, I had never heard of "Zentry Bedroom Security Doors.” Living alone, in a relatively quiet area, I thought I was pretty OK ,with Burglar Alarm + Sensor Lights. That was until I had a 4:30am alarm "scare,” which triggered a lot of "what if" questions in my mind. My sleep became disturbed & restless. I needed to feel safer @ night. There had to be a solution. I searched the Net." Burglarybusters" came up trumps!

I invested in a High Security Bedroom Door, with a steel frame, into which a 12 point locking system clenches. It looks exactly like a normal door, but is steel reinforced inside , & meets EU & Irish EU Standard-IS EN 1627-2011. It can be opened/closed manually on the inside, so there is no anxiety about possibility of getting locked in! I am delighted with "my new door,” feel 100% secure, and consequently sleep much better. I was very impressed by the high standard of service given by both Ciaran & Clive, who were professional, reliable, punctual & courteous.

Thank you both. - A happy customer!

Maeve in Cork

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