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Home Security Audit Checklist

"From our experience we know that Entrance Doors, Bedroom Doors and Door Cylinders are three key areas that may demand more of your attention."

Home burglary is one of the most common crimes and can occur at anytime of the day or night. This checklist is designed to enable you to take a fresh look at your home security. By reviewing and looking objectively at your very own circumstances you can take steps to limit identified risk areas and therefore reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime or a repeat victim of crime.

You will only need a short time to complete this Home Security Audit. However, this is minimal compared to the time you will need to report a crime to police, deal with insurance companies, and search for and replace stolen property. Remember too that the experience of burglary often increases levels of anxiety and may cause difficulties in dealing with both the loss of sentimental items as well as the realisation that you have had a burglar in your home.

In this checklist we identify many important risk areas. However, with more than 60% of all burglars gaining entry through a door, we place much emphasis on ways you can improve your door security. To save you time we suggest you pay particular attention to the first section that combines all the questions you will need to ask yourself about your doors and that you read our Comments that follow, as they may help you decide how best to approach this important matter.

Present Condition

To enhance security consider making changes to items ticked below.



Security Doors


At all entry/exits?

Doors meeting Irish ‘Burglar Resistance’ Security Standard IS EN 1627:2011 represent the best door type security available. http://www.securitycertifieddoors.ie/

Timber, Upvc, & Composite Doors?

These less expensive security doors with Secured by Design approval to BS Pas 24 – 1 Enhanced Security Requirements are also available from this company. Bought as a complete kit, this standard shows that the door, frame, locks and fittings have been attack tested.

Euro cylinder locks?

If these cylinders have been in place in your home for more than 2 yrs – immediate replacement by anti-bump/snap-secure cylinders is recommended.

If a thief enters your home without leaving any visible signs of entry and you are unable to prove that somebody has entered unlawfully -- your insurance company may not cover your loss. If you have euro cylinders that are not anti-bump/snap-secure you may be exposed to this happening to you. http://burglarybusters.ie/zentry-snap-and-break-secure-and-anti-bump-cylinders.php


Zentry Break & Snap Secure & Anti-bump Cylinders

Strong enough?

Check the strength of your doors. Are they strong enough to withstand burglary attack?

Patio Doors

Patio doors are especially vulnerable to break-in by levering the door off the tracks. When buying this door request us to position the sliding section on the inside and for anti-blocks. Multi-locking systems are recommended, but ensure the euro-cylinder is Zentry Snap & Break-Secure type.

Patio bolts?

An additional anti-lift patio bolt will prevent doors from being lifted off their tracks and help you increase the level of security needed. http://www.burglarybusters.ie/patio-doors.php

Existing Timber Doors

Main Front Entrance

Adequate locks?

Doors with one lock only are easy prey for intruders.

Insert Door Eye-viewer?

If you don't have a window in the door or some other way of checking who is calling, fit a door eye-viewer. Look through this to identify callers before you open the door.


Door reinforcement?

Locks are dependent on the strength of existing frame and leaf. New technology enables these areas to be strengthened. http://www.burglarybusters.ie/burglarybuster-system.php

Door Chain?

These allow the door to be opened a short distance to allow checking of identification. They can stop callers pushing their way in. The Door Chain DNA system is highly recommended and provides advance security.



Check that door hinges are sturdy and secured with strong, long screws. For added security, fit hinge covers or security hinges. These are inexpensive and help to reinforce the hinge side of the door against force.



Never hang a spare key inside the letterbox. This is an obvious place that a thief will check. Consider fitting a letterbox cage or other restricter which prevents thieves from putting their hands or gadgets through the letterbox and trying the latches from the inside.


Back Exit Door

Adequate locks?

Two locks necessary

Door reinforcement?

Frame, leaf and glazing review http://www.burglarybusters.ie/front-and-back-timber-doors.php

Apartment Doors

Adequate locks?

Needs two locks

Door reinforcement?

May be necessary

Door emergency fire escape?

A major consideration http://www.burglarybusters.ie/apartment-doors.php

Bedroom Doors

Adequate locks?

We recommend having two locks

Can your door withstand forced entry?

Can be upgraded or replaced to provide the necessary security http://www.burglarybusters.ie/bedroom-doors.php

French Doors

Adequate locks?

Two locks recommended

Door reinforcement?

Can be considered as can aesthetically pleasing grilles and glazing review


Key operated locks?

Key operated locks strengthen the level of security of your windows

Keyed alike?

For safety and ease of use, one key opens all windows

Glazing Security

Consider applying window security film http://www.burglarybusters.ie/windows.php

Security grilles?

Security grilles allow ventilation and can provide additional security http://www.burglarybusters.ie/windows.php


Have you a safe in your home?

Many insurance companies will not provide you with cover unless you have a safe in your home http://www.burglarybusters.ie/bedroom-safes.php


Main entry/exits?

The main entry/exit areas of your home should be well lit

Timers fitted?

Lights left on inside your home when you are out deter burglars

Timers used?

Timers should be activated when you are away from home at night

Sensor lighting?

Sensor lighting in ‘high risk’ areas deter intruders

Other Safety Considerations

Clear vision?

All doors and windows need to be visible from outside

Trees/shrubbery trimmed?

Trim any trees/shrubs that conceal view of doors and windows from outside

Garage/ shed secure?

Garages and sheds to be securely locked at all times

Tools secure?

Lock tools away to prevent intruder using them to get into your house

Wheelie bins and ladders secure?

Store well away from building to prevent intruders using them to climb into your home

Gates to yard secure?

Lock gates to backyard with a keyed padlock to prevent access by intruders

Meter box secured

Your electricity meter box should be locked at night

House numbers visible?

House numbers should be clearly visible from the road

Smoke alarms?

Install smoke alarms & develop a fire evacuation plan

Security alarms?

Security alarms deter intruders from entering your home


These may also deter intruders

Safe disposal of personal documents?

All documents/paperwork containing your personal details (e.g. old phone bills, invoices etc) should be totally destroyed before being placed in your wheelie bin for rubbish collection This will help protect you from identity theft.

Property Marking

Engraved with code?

Property engraving and using WARNING stickers on your property reduces the risk of it being stolen

Code recorded?

Use invisible marker to mark all expensive personal items inc laptops etc

Inventory list?

Recording serial numbers, makes, models and descriptions of your property helps police recover stolen items and will assist you if you need to make an insurance claim. You may also wish to photograph items and store somewhere safe

Personal Security in the Home

Do you or other family members lock all doors and windows when leaving the house – even on short trips to local shops or when visiting a neighbour?

A burglar only needs seconds to gain entry to your home.

Do you hide keys in obvious places?

Keys left under a door mat or an area close to doors will soon be found by intruders

Do you leave car keys on hall table?

Car keys are targeted by thieves and must be kept out of view

Do you provide information to other people about your personal arrangements?

Be aware of providing information about your home security arrangements to people that do not need to know this information.


Highlighting your security weaknesses to others could be detrimental. Burglars now access Facebook etc for such information.

Family weddings and funeral security?

Always have somebody you can trust stay in your home on these occasions

Do you provide information over the phone to callers about your personal arrangements?

Information about bank accounts and personal particulars including your living arrangements should not be disclosed unnecessarily. Be conscious of also providing information to others about your planned absences from home

Do you store valuables within sight or reach of outside?

Opportunistic thieves will pounce immediately when valuables are in clear view and within easy reach. Valuables are best stored out of sight and in a secure location

Do you have important phone numbers stored in your phone?

Having your local police station number stored in your phone makes it easier to call, especially in the dark. It is also useful to store the phone numbers of family and close friends for use by emergency services in the event of an incident

Going on Holidays?

Lock all doors, windows, garage and sheds

Are all euro cylinders in your Upvc, Composite and Patio Doors anti-bump/snap secure?

Cancel all regular deliveries e.g. newspapers etc

Place some rubbish in wheelie bin

Have a trusted friend/neighbour remove any post or free newspapers left in your letterbox and leave out wheelie bin on day of collection

Turn gas and water supply off

Do not leave jewelry or cash at home

Cut the lawn

This assessment along with the information provided is intended to help make informed decisions about your home security. This company and its representatives, in providing this assessment tool, make no representation, nor gives any warranty or guarantee concerning the safety of persons and property. Any enquiries about your general home security may be directed to this office, or by contacting your local Crime Prevention Officer – details available on Garda.ie website.

Burglarybusters is a division of Security Certified Doors Ltd. Our services include a wide range of Burglarybusters physical security solutions for your home or business.

Fire Precautions: Please Note.

Any alterations or changes made to doors in your home should not needlessly impede or restrict your exit in the event of a fire alert or evacuation. You must remember that keys for all locks fitted must be assessable to occupants but out of reach of potential intruders.



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Testimonials from some of our satisfied customers

Three months ago, I had never heard of "Zentry Bedroom Security Doors.” Living alone, in a relatively quiet area, I thought I was pretty OK ,with Burglar Alarm + Sensor Lights. That was until I had a 4:30am alarm "scare,” which triggered a lot of "what if" questions in my mind. My sleep became disturbed & restless. I needed to feel safer @ night. There had to be a solution. I searched the Net." Burglarybusters" came up trumps!

I invested in a High Security Bedroom Door, with a steel frame, into which a 12 point locking system clenches. It looks exactly like a normal door, but is steel reinforced inside , & meets EU & Irish EU Standard-IS EN 1627-2011. It can be opened/closed manually on the inside, so there is no anxiety about possibility of getting locked in! I am delighted with "my new door,” feel 100% secure, and consequently sleep much better. I was very impressed by the high standard of service given by both Ciaran & Clive, who were professional, reliable, punctual & courteous.

Thank you both. - A happy customer!

Maeve in Cork

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