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Sliding Patio Door Security

Burglars may break glass in the unoccupied home. Should this be a concern firstly insert the three locks recommended below and then install a Retractable Security Grill (above).

Your Sliding Patio Door is a favoured ‘weak spot’ and burglars may attempt any of the following to gain entry;

  • Use a steel ‘jemmy bar’ to prise open the door adjacent to the handle and lock;
  • Snap, or bump or pick the eurocylinder lock (this is where you insert your key);
  • Remove the sliding part of the door by lifting it off the bottom rail;
  • Break the glass (breaking of glass is more likely when key is left in the door and is visible from outside).


  • The eurocylinder lock is the first thing to replace with a high-security type and then you need to consider additional reinforcement for both the side and the bottom of the door.

Zentry Safe Slider Double Bolt Anti-Lift Latch Lock

This sliding door lock can be installed in about 10 minutes, giving you patio or porch door security at a very affordable price. As this is applied to the side of the door obviously it provides side reinforcement. The hardened steel locking pins hold sliding door securely to wall frame while the dual locking system prevents the door from being lifted up or out of its track. Colour: White or Brown


Price €29.00. Postage €4.00 extra.

Order Now – And Gain That Peace Of Mind You Deserve

The Anti-Lift Latch Lock is as easy to install as 1-2-3.

The Ivess Lock

  • This lock is simple to operate and has an easy to use knob that makes it is easy to lock and unlock.  It is also easy to install and provides security to the bottom of the door.  There are 2 screws provided in the pack and the backing card in the pack doubles up as an installation template.
  • Keys are not required to open or lock either of these locks and so in the event of emergency both doors can be opened quickly to ensure a speedy exit.  Now that both the side and the bottom of the door are secured, the door is no longer vulnerable to being lifted up or pulled out of position.
  •  This combination of two excellent locks offers the most economic and affective way of providing a double defence against break-in.
  • Entry is best prevented by installing two locks - the Zentry Safe Slider Double Bolt Anti-Lift Latch Lock on the side of the door above your existing eurocylinder lock and by inserting the Ivess lock on the floor. 

Special Offer Price €33.00. Postage €4.00 extra



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Testimonials from some of our satisfied customers

Three months ago, I had never heard of "Zentry Bedroom Security Doors.” Living alone, in a relatively quiet area, I thought I was pretty OK ,with Burglar Alarm + Sensor Lights. That was until I had a 4:30am alarm "scare,” which triggered a lot of "what if" questions in my mind. My sleep became disturbed & restless. I needed to feel safer @ night. There had to be a solution. I searched the Net." Burglarybusters" came up trumps!

I invested in a High Security Bedroom Door, with a steel frame, into which a 12 point locking system clenches. It looks exactly like a normal door, but is steel reinforced inside , & meets EU & Irish EU Standard-IS EN 1627-2011. It can be opened/closed manually on the inside, so there is no anxiety about possibility of getting locked in! I am delighted with "my new door,” feel 100% secure, and consequently sleep much better. I was very impressed by the high standard of service given by both Ciaran & Clive, who were professional, reliable, punctual & courteous.

Thank you both. - A happy customer!

Maeve in Cork

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